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Want an amazing tender?

Wordcorp can help you!

Why hire a tender writer?

  • Writing a tender is time consuming, hard work, especially if your skills lie in the products or services you supply rather than writing.
  • Many businesses fail to secure tenders, or are delayed, because of average quality tender documents.
  • Our clients succeed with their professional goals through our tender writing services.

How Wordcorp can help you

We work with organisations of all sizes, including charities, small, medium, and large enterprises, aiming to help them win new contracts. We provide a flexible tender writing service. This includes everything from proofreading and providing consultation to help answer queries about the tender writing process, to managing the writing of the tender itself.

When you use Wordcorp for your tender writing needs, you’ll work with expert, experienced tender writers. Our experienced and professional team of writers will work with to develop a tender that is dynamic and accentuates the positives of your business.

With us, you’ll have a tender that’s professionally presented that you’ll be happy to put your name to. With our tender writing service, the reader will instantly picture your organisation as being the perfect team for the job.

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